Monday, July 6, 2015

Do You Know Your Passionate Purpose -- Are You Living It?

People often tell me they don't really know what their passionate purpose is. And in this cynical and often cruel environment in which we live, it is somewhat understandable. But, it doesn't have to be, and it shouldn't be that way. Isn't everyone born with a desire to be, and be significant? So how do we find our passionate purpose?

I believe it starts with a gnawing in the pit of our stomach -- not in a painful way, but in an urgent demand to be heard. We see a vision of what our passion and purpose looks like in action, and we are energized by it -- even when we are otherwise exhausted. We see the possible changes, outcomes, and effects and we are moved -- often to the point of tears. Some of you clearly know what I'm talking about, and no, I am not a mind reader. I simply believe that passionate purpose, however deeply buried, is inherently placed within each one of us -- and it is yearning to be born. We are "wonderfully made".

However, if your first thought is "what's in it for me", you may be mistaking passionate purpose for personal promotion. Now I know that many may disagree with that statement.  Certainly, I believe that ideally our passionate purpose should feed our pragmatic occupation or source of income, no doubt. However, in the long run, self-focus cannot empower and drive us to completion or total fulfillment of our passionate purpose.

If we habitually put our own interests first, there will come a time in which that interest's needs are met and we will stop. Occupation stops, purpose does not. Our passionate purpose has no retirement date. We may change and adjust how and when we fulfill it, but the passionate purpose remains -- and is only fulfilled in death.

So the question is: Can you find your passionate purpose, and will you be faithful in serving it until your heart has beaten for the last time, and your last breath has been taken? Life is short, so why live without passion and without purpose?

See it. Believe it. Build it.